Spring at last!

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And ‘spring arrives: finally!

Our thoughts go out to the sky, the sun, the warmth, the desire to feel it on your skin. Soon the urge to stand out in contact with nature, to enjoy the time by sliding more slowly. In this season when our grandparents reopened old houses destined to the holidays. He couldnt get the air and light.

We do the same, at Agriturismo Bella Valle, reopen all the rooms so that the sun after the long gray and cold winter months, the warm and welcoming make for you.

This image of windows and doors that open is also the one that accompanies “The FAI Spring Days“. ancient mansions, villas, palaces that are offered to visitors after a long time. But gates are wide open parks and gardens to welcome the height of their glory.

The Fund for the Italian Environment carries this fine tradition for 15 years. Every year the list of points of interest is enhanced with new openings, but also new goods impeccably restored under their tutelage.

The next 25 and 26 March to Livorno you can visit an ancient city mansion: the Villa of the President.

A central location, is located in Via Giovanni Marradi 116, was for many years the home of the Conservatory G. Mascagni. Admission is free (if you want you can leave a contribution from 3 €). The visit will be led, thanks to the students of the Institute Cecioni, in the guise of Apprentices Cicero.

At the Villa of the President will be held in both the concert dates with students of Musical Studies Higher Institute “Pietro Mascagni.”

Also it will be set up in the rooms of the Villa an exhibition of Livorno Renato Spagnoli, with 150 works that sum up all of the artist’s production. RenatoSpagnoli1962


If you do not know that you now have to do this weekend is useful tips and inspiring. Only problem the weather: the forecast is for rain. The president of the villa opens its doors and windows, but only to let you, the sun will have to wait for the next opportunity.

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