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BellaValle - Farm House in Tuscany.

The History of Rozzi Family.

Our farming estate is a property covering about forty hectares and including two large country homes with 5 apartments.
Bella Valle was founded in the early 1980s when one of the major farms in the Vada area (near Cecina), the F.lli Rozzi estate, was split between heirs.

The History of Rozzi's Family - BellaValle Farm Holidays House in Vada, Leghorn - Tuscany

At the beginning of the last century, the brothers Enrico and Francesco Rozzi, farmers originally from Lombardy, decided to leave the area to move to Tuscany to continue their farming activities.

The area they chose was on the coast between Pisa and Livorno, the northernmost part of the Maremma, also known as the High Maremma (today Etruscan Coast), which Dante Alighieri also mentioned in the Divine Comedy:

“Non han sì aspri sterpi né sì folti
quelle fiere selvagge che 'n odio hanno
tra Cecina e Corneto i luoghi colti.”
Inferno, XIII, 7

The land they purchased, to the south of the village of Vada, was the result of land reclaiming ordered by the Dukes of Tuscany, started by Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena.
To protect the land from the strong winds, a pine forest was planted next to the beach, which is still an asset to the area, its inhabitants and its visitors.

The Rozzi brothers chose an area with particularly fertile soil, a mild climate, well ventilated, surrounded by countryside and with the traditional courtesy and bravery of the Tuscan people. They were attracted by the “better” living conditions, in terms of food and life in the fresh air, as well as the location and climate.

The two sisters who now run the Bella Valle farm are continuing the farming work started by their father with great passion, attempting to maintain all the traditional crops, olives first and foremost. They also farm cereals such as grain, sunflowers and corn, vegetables, melons, leeks and a small vineyard producing trebbiano grapes, which produces a fine light white wine. We also have a nice production and sale of extra virgin olive oil.

In the late 1990s, when one of the country homes was restored, a new adventure was begun: farm house with apartment.