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The Products of our Farm.

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Bio Vegetables.

Cereals and sunflowers are cultivated on most of the farm, on a rotational basis and using integrated methods, but the greatest satisfaction is derived from the farming of olives and the production of Extra-virgin Olive Oil.

The olive groves, which are about 70 years old, are traditional Tuscan varieties, mainly Leccino, but also Maraiolo, Frantoiana, Razza and Pendolino.
The crops are harvested manually by picking from the end of October.
The harvested olive are then sent to the nearby olive press in Collemazzano and pressed within 48 hours of being harvested.

We are thus able to obtain a fragrant, straw coloured product with hints of green, with a very low acidity, which is measured after each pres to ensure the quality of the product.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is then stored in 5 or 3 litre cans and sold directly on the farm.

In the summer, there is a reasonable production of seasonal bio vegetables, farmed organically, which may be purchased by guests, as can the oil.