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Tourist Tips for Tuscany

What to visit in the surrounding area of our farm house.

Resting and relaxing, reading a book or sipping a glass of wine in the shade of the trees, laying on the grass or simply soaking up the sun.
You can also enjoy some exercise, bike riding or strolling in the fields or in the woods, jogging, swimming in the clear waters of the Tyrrhenian sea or doing some Tai chi or yoga on the grass.

Or you can play ball with your children or fly a kite in the clear blue sky without any obstacles.

Sea, beaches and islands

The Etruscan Coast is only 1.5 km away, with mainly free beaches; the Molino a Fuoco, with its beautiful pine woods in the background and very fine white sand and deep and sandy sea beds. There is no shortage of fully equipped beach establishments where you can hire umbrellas, and bars and restaurants with excellent fresh fish menus.

The coastline at Rosignano Marittimo, especially Vada and Castiglioncello, has for several years been awarded the European Blue Flag in recognition of the quality of the water and services offered.

Less than 10 km to the north is the beautiful rocky coastline of the Romito, with breath-taking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, stunning inlets and the seafront at Castiglioncello and the tourist port of Cala de’ Medici, where you can hire boats.

To the south are the beaches of San Vincenzo, Marina di Castagneto and Bibbona.

Further to the south, at the port of Piombino, you can catch ferries to visit the beautiful islands of Elba, Capraia and Giglio, with departures every hour (Moby and Toremar).

Games parks

Acquavillage Cecina Entertainment for children and adults is guaranteed at the aquatic theme park in Cecina Marina and the "Acqua Village", only 7 minutes’ drive away.
Address: Via Tevere, 25 - 57023 Cecina Livorno | phone: +39 0586 622539 | www.acquavillage.it.

At the Parco Gallorese, there are animals of all sorts, 180 different species in a 3.4 km journey through trhe green countryside, with games and refreshment points.
Address: Via Aurelia Sud, 65 - 57023 Cecina Livorno | phone: +39 348 888 3778 | www.parcogallorose.it | A solo 6,5 km dalla nostra casa vacanze.

A bit further to the south is the Giardino Sospeso Adventure Playground, towards Riparbella 5 km from the Bella Valle holiday home. An enjoyable day with exciting acrobatic paths among the trees of varying degrees of difficulty suited to all ages. Archery is also available for your enjoyment. Includes picnic areas and a refreshment point.
Info: phone: + 39 335 772 6321 | www.ilgiardinosospeso.it

Still further to the south, in Marina di Castagneto, is the Cavallino Matto games park, with attractions for the young (free entrance for those less than one metre tall!) and for adults. The entire park is surrounded by greenery and maritime pines. 20 km or less than half an hour by car.
Address: Via Po, 1 57024 - Marina di Castagneto Livorno | phone: +39 0565 745720 | www.cavallinomatto.it

In the most attractive part of the city of Livorno, on the seafront and near the splendid and unique Mascagni terrace, you can visit the aquarium: 2,00o animals of over 300 different species, a tunnel and a tactile tank. 38 km, about 40 minutes’ drive.
Address: Piazzale Pietro Mascagni - 57127 Livorno | phone: +39 0586 269111 | acquariodilivorno.it

Spas and wellbeing

Terme e Benessere an experience to be enjoyed, especially by night, is bathing in the waters of the natural stream of Calidario in Venturina, 41 km from the holiday home, about 35 minutes’ drive. The pleasant temperature of the water, 36 °C, and the large natural pool are extremely relaxing. The Calidario also has a spa with health treatments. You can dine at the restaurant-pizzeria by the pool.
Address: Via del Bottaccio, Venturina | phone: +39 0565 851504 | www.calidario.it

Further inland towards the famous Val di Cornia is the Terme di Sassetta, with thermal pools built using local materials and a spa using natural products. The restaurant serves food produced by the Tenuta la Cerreta. 40 km from the Bella Valle holiday home, aboutn 50 minutes’ drive.
Address: Via Campagna Sud, 143 - 57020 Sassetta, Livorno | phone: +39 0565 794352 | www.termedisassetta.it

The same distance away but towards Pisa is the Terme di Casciana, with a history of more than one thousand years and two beautiful pools with thermal waters – one inside and one outside – with whirlpool baths, waterfalls and Kniepp treatment.
Address: Piazza Garibaldi, 9 - 56034 Casciana Terme, Pisa | phone: +39 0587 64461 | www.termedicasciana.com


Shopping e Mercati You can wander among the market stalls, selling clothing, shoes, bedding, fruit and vegetables, salami and cheeses, on Monday mornings in Rosignano Solvay, Tuesday mornings in Cecina, Thursday mornings under the shade of the pine trees in Castiglioncello, Fridays on the square at Vada and Saturday mornings in Cecina Marina.

The numerous surrounding villages are all natural shopping malls (www.ccnet-toscana.it) where you can shop while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and towns and villages such as Cecina, Cecina Marina and the Val di Cecina, Riparbella, Montescudaio, Volterra and Livorno.

If you like large shopping complexes, the outlet at Barberino del Mugello is only half an hours’ drive away: Barberino Designer Outlet.

Cities of Art, archaeology and history

Città d'Arte della Toscana - Pisa The cities dotted around Tuscany need no introduction, with their spectacular and unique artistic and architectural heritage. The most worthy of mention are Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, a world heritage site, the historical centres of San Gimignano and Siena, the city of Florence and the Etruscan sites and Volterra.

Both the surrounding towns (Rosignano Marittimo and Cecina) have their own archaeological museums, and there are also the Villa Guerrazzi in La Cinquantina and the National museum in Castiglioncello (www.archeologiaprovincialivorno.it).

The archaeological site of Baratti and Populonia is well worth a visit to see the beautiful countryside and the magnificent necropolis, and is very interesting to visit with children as well. The Minerals museum in San Silvestro is also worth visiting, where there are guided tours among the old tunnels and mines: www.parchivaldicornia.it

Medieval hamlets

Borghi MedioEvali della Toscana - Casale Marittimo, Pisa The hinterland is dotted with attractive medieval hamlets, rich in history, beautiful places where times seems ot have stood still, such as Bolgheri, Montescudaio, Guardistallo, Casale, Campiglia Marittima and Suvereto. This is where you can enjoy traditional Tuscan dishes and game, accompanied by renowned Tuscan red wines. In the summer and autumn, these hamlets come alive with medieval fetes, exhibitions by street artists, traditional fairs, concerts and festivals… where you can enjoy fun and convivial evenings with live music, entertainment and good food!

Etruscan Coast Wine and Oil Trail

Etruscan Coast Wine and Oil Trail, Leghorn - Tuscany The Bellavalle farmhouse is the ideal starting point for the itineraries proposed by the Etruscan Coast Wine and Oil Trail. (www.lastradadelvino.com)
You can combine the pleasure of visiting hamlets and chateaus with tasting wines in the wine cellars in the area, which is home to five D.O.C. (controlled origin label) wines.

From North to South, through typical Tuscan hamlets such as Guardistallo, Montescudaio, Casale M.mo, Rosignano M.mo, Bibbona, Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci, Suvereto and others, are the following five D.O.C. areas:
Terratico di Bibbona in the towns of Collesalvetti and Rosignano Marittimo;
Montescudaio, a hilly area behind the villages of Rosignano and Cecina;
Bolgheri, the most renowned part of the area, which is home to the production of the so-called Supertuscan, such as Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Guado al Tasso, Paleo and numerous other well known wines;
Val di Cornia to the South of the province of Livorno, in a mainly hilly area;
Isola d’Elba comprising the entire island, which can easily be reached by ferry in an hour from the port of Piombino, where dessert wines such as Aleatico are produced.

The website www.lastradadelvino.com contains a series of itineraries and the opening hours of the wine cellars and a list of where to eat and places to visit.

Almost all of the farms also produce excellent extra-virgin olive oil, and you are most welcome to taste our own olive oil, produced from the olive groves you can see from your windows.


in the village of Pomaia, about 20 km or half an hours’ drive away, you can visit the Istituto Lama Tzong Kapa Buddhist Temple - www.iltk.org - which also offers quality courses in Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

Learning Italian

If you want to learn or improve your knowledge of our language, Italian, you can take courses organised by the Arci Pasolini Language School in the picturesque surrounds of Castello Pasquini in Catiglioncello.
For more information: info@italian-language-courses.net | phone: +39 0586 759907

Theatre, music and dancing

Each season has varying and interesting programmes at Villa Guerrazzi, a few hundred metres from the Bella Valle farm house (www.toscanamusiche.it) and at the Tensostruttura at Castello Pasquini in Castiglioncello (www.toscanaspettacolo.com).